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I am an independent curator, creative producer and writer with a passion for telling stories - through words, art and objects.

I curate, manage and deliver exhibitions, displays, and written interpretation (both print and online), as well as in research and content development. Over the last 15 years I have worked on interdisciplinary exhibitions, displays and public engagement events bringing together art and artefacts exploring health, medicine, science, and what it means to be human. I relish creating engaging, thought-provoking narratives in which the contemporary and the historical are brought together. I have a strong collaborative mentality, and I am skilled at managing relationships with colleagues across many departments and with a variety of stakeholders. Five years of working as a film post-producer prior to my curatorial career has enhanced my experience of managing and delivering projects, both large and small. My recent clients have included Wellcome Collection, King’s College London, Science Gallery London and the Institute of Physics.

Words are central to my professional life. Alongside writing for exhibitions, catalogues, and associated online content I also write articles, essays and reviews about contemporary art for both web and print publications.

I am fascinated by history and heritage, and our relationships with architecture, landscape and public space. I am especially drawn to the intersection of contemporary art with historical spaces and collections, as well as art that explores our environment and sense of place, and art that deals with social justice, displacement and conflict. In short: art that examines the human condition.

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